Goodbye Ciobair

There is the biggest hole in our home, our lives and our hearts. Ciobair died suddenly and completely unexpected last Thursday.  Her passing was a shock and the pain and despair we feel is hard to express. She was the last of our dogs that came from Scotland with us, and she has been here … More Goodbye Ciobair

Goodbye Cuchi

Cuchi was everybody’s favourite, an immensely affectionate dog, she loved nothing more than climbing on to your lap and being cuddled. She earned the nickname “the dog that makes everything alright”, with her unending willingness to provide love and solace at any time. I admit that I put Cuchi on a pedestal. She was a … More Goodbye Cuchi

Goodbye Wink

Wink was gifted to us by some dear friends in New Hampshire and she traveled across the Atlantic with me to our home in Scotland in 2006. As a young dog, she finished the Can-Am 250, and when she joined us, she raced dryland Sprint, and she even tried her hand at leading a team … More Goodbye Wink

Goodbye Kazek

  On Thursday evening, our dear, sweet, much loved, wonderful boy Kazek left us. In much the same way he did everything, Kaz broke our hearts in a calm, quiet moment of passing. The hole he leaves behind is immeasurable,  our still tender hearts, aching from the loss of Braeburn just 6 weeks ago, are … More Goodbye Kazek

Goodbye Braeburn

What comes in love, must leave in pain And all the gifts we early treasure, the world takes away Sometimes fate gives you an unseen blow that is so devastating and surprising, that it seems like you will never recover, and that life will always be forever tainted from that moment on. On Wednesday, we … More Goodbye Braeburn

Goodbye Oscar

27 November 2017         10.00 PM     12 F  Clear We lost Oscar a few days ago. He had a tumour removed 2 years ago and we were thankful that he survived that, and recovered to continue to brighten our lives with his presence for an all too short period. Sadly, the last … More Goodbye Oscar