Goodbye Kalekh

On Tuesday, we lost our dear boy Kalekh. The air of sadness that seems to perpetually hang over us has deepened again, as we are forced to deal with the passing of another of our beloved dogs. Hampered by arthritis, Kalekh retired early and passed his time by trying to become the all -time abscess … More Goodbye Kalekh

Goodbye Taran

I do not have the words to convey the depths of my anguish and grief. I do not have the composure to talk about him without feeling the tears roll down my face. I do not have the capability to get through the day without an overwhelming ache in my heart and my whole being. … More Goodbye Taran

Goodbye Friddy

On Thursday we lost another of our wonderful old dogs, Friddy, due to an hemangiosarcoma in his chest. His passing rips another piece of our hearts away and his absence is keenly felt by us and our other house dogs. His favourite spot lies empty and Caoimhe still looks for her special old friend to … More Goodbye Friddy

Goodbye Mermaid

Mermaid finally gave up her struggle against cancer on Sunday. Stoic to the end, despite increasingly obvious signs of distress, she remained the epitome of calmness and serenity. She carried her age with grace and refused to let her failing body affect her demeanour and behaviour. Mermaid came to us in 2009, when we first … More Goodbye Mermaid

Goodbye Boof

Come on then, old man.It’s impossible to believe we won’t be saying that to our wonderful Boof any more. The emptiness he leaves behind is incompatible with his diminutive stature, a small dog, huge of heart and personality. He still seems to have a presence in the house, his favourite spot lies empty and our … More Goodbye Boof