Excuses, seasons and dog food

So it seems that my stated hopes in the original entry, of the “blog” being updated more regularly than the website was a vain one. However, I believe there were enough riders, excuses and vagueness in that first entry to excuse me.

For one, not too much has happened in the kennel – and as it’s a dog blog, it makes sense that should be the main focus on here.

Ruya’s second season passed without too much upset for the males in the kennel. Every time we have a bitch in season, the ensuing rumpus always makes me wonder how on earth everyone else copes with this. Then, once it’s all over, it never seems quite as bad – right up to the moment it all kicks off again.

The “credit crunch” has made many headlines and its impact on our day to day lives is manifested in lots of different ways. The weak $ dollar has affected us here at Gealach Mor in one unexpected way. Because of the exchange rate, it seems that US exports are not shifting and imports are way down. Imports arriving in steel shipping containers especially……….
Apparently, our dog food order from Eagle Pack is sitting on a dockside, awaiting an empty outbound container.
So, come on my continental North American cousins, please buy some imported European goods and help feed my dogs.


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