Fair trade?

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who wisely spent your economic stimulus tax rebate on imported European goods, as per my plea in an earlier post. You’ve obviously managed to buy enough stuff to free up some of those much needed steel containers and my dog food has duly arrived on these shores. My distributor thanks you, I thank you and most importantly, my dogs thank you.

Yesterday, Takeo was returned to the dog yard. He had a 5 day sojourn in the house, following a “minor” (cough) operation to castrate him. I’m always amazed at how quickly they recover from this trip to the vets – it seems one night of mild discomfort (cushioned with some pain meds) and the next day, they are back to normal. Thinking back to the first dog we got castrated, many years ago, the procedure has improved a great deal.

It is always amusing to see how the yard dogs react to coming indoors. The slippery floor surfaces that the house dogs know how to run on, the smells and temptations of the kitchen, the comfort of a sofa and the presence of dog toys. Additionally, it let me see just how B I G Takeo really is. He’s huge – I knew he was a large dog, but within the confines of the house, he seems to tower over everything. Fortunately, he’s also exceedingly graceful, agile and spatially aware. Yet more attributes for that wonderful dog, over and above his wholehearted sled dog work ethic, his mighty strength and his affable nature, – you’re wondering quite why we would neuter him then, if he is such a fantastic dog. For me, it came down to size – not size as in too big for the Siberian breed standard – but as in too big for what we are trying to achieve with our kennel. Our time in the US in 2004 – 2005, and subsequent seasons running dryland here has made me change my love for big dogs. Well, that’s not strictly true, I still love big dogs, but I appreciate the more subtle attraction of “average” a little more now. I have often said if I could have Takeo in a 20 pound lighter version, I’d be looking at a truly awesome dog.

So that’s the question. Would you consider losing your “bits” a fair trade for 4 nights indoors, lots of biscuits, the joy of tv and the peace that comes with no longer being completely dictated to, by your hormones?


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