Who needs the gym?

As a follow on from the news that Eagle Pack had finally managed to get dog food into the country, my order finally arrived from the distributor.
Because we’re feeding 19-20 dogs, I prefer to do one bulk order, get the maximum discount and deal with the one large bill rather than ordering and buying every month. I also made an offer to any local mushers that if they were interested, we could operate as a “mini co-operative” and make one order, and all benefit from greatly reduced prices. So, now we have a couple of other kennels taking advantage of this and making pretty decent savings.
It does mean though, that when the order gets here, someone (me) has to move a lot of dog food around. This order came in at 70 sacks of Eagle Pack Power – that’s 1, 260 kg or 2,800 lbs. Normally, the delivery guy drops the pallet, then uses one of those little hand fork lifts to shift it close to my storage unit. This new delivery guy, not used to our country roads, and oblivious to the fact that there might actually be someone else on a quiet back road, apparently had to make an emergency stop to avoid crushing one of my neighbours. As I’m the last drop off, his truck was empty except for my pallet, which took exception to being driven so roughly. It took a hop and then fell over…………
Full marks to the packaging department at Postal Pet Products – the dog food stayed inside the 3 miles of cellophane and cardboard. It just looked rather awkward to move. And it was – the driver eventually managed to remove the packing, started breaking down the pallet and shifted the 18 kg sacks (we normally only get 15 kg or 33 lb sacks – unlike the US where they sell Eagle in 40 lb sacks – and at a much lower price – anyway, these sacks have a bonus 3 kg in them) – I had the job of getting them off the truck and into the store. 70 bags doesn’t sound like a lot if you say it quickly but by the time I was at number 50, I was wishing it wasn’t quite such a lovely sunny day. To be fair, I only dropped the one bag. So, today’s claim to fame, I bench pressed 2 800 lbs – that’s like lifting a car !

2800 lbs of sports car
2800 lbs of sports car
2800 lbs of dog food
2800 lbs of dog food

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