You call this a holiday?

With the troubles we had with our dogs last winter, our house in the Highlands hasn’t been visited for quite a while. In fact, it turns out, I haven’t been there since early in December. Fortunately, we have a good friend living very close by and he has been keeping an eye on the place for us.

Since we have so many dogs, it’s not been possible for us both to have a holiday at the same time for quite a number of years. The point behind buying the Croft was partly to have a training base and partly to resolve the vacation conundrum. The Croft itself is a fantastic location, situated right in the middle of a forest, however the house does need some TLC and updating. Additionally, we have 5 acres of grass fields, half of which has been fenced and turned into a dog yard. However, leaving a field alone for 8 months, a time period incorporating a Scottish spring and summer, is possibly not advisable.

I think it's too late for the lawnmower
I think it's too late for the lawnmower

Grasses waist high, dockens even taller, magnificent Scottish thistles as tall as my head and with stalks as thick as my wrist. I know there are dog houses and swivels out there somewhere – I just need to find them…………..

Undaunted (you think?) I bravely ventured out there, into the wilderness, and strimmed, weedwacked and mowed my way to “relative” usability – it will never qualify for the Chelsea Flower Show, but at least the dogs can seen !!


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