Heading Home.

After a 3 and a half week stay up at the Croft, it was time to head south for home.

The weeds and grasses have been temporarily defeated, the dog houses have been found, walls have been painted, gutters cleared, some new lights installed and work on the new living room is progressing nicely. That should be finished in the next couple of months and will make a big difference to living up there this winter. The dogs all settled into their “holiday” routine well, and Ruya made the transition from house dog to yard dog with ease. Along with Wink and Fina, she spent the days in the field with the yard dogs, but was happy to come inside at bed time.

Ciobair started her first season in the middle of our stay, which caused her some alarm and over the last few days, a degree of interest from a couple of the house dogs – particularly Tindale – which caused me some amusement. The old boy is approaching 12 and has been neutered since he was about 5. Got to love an optimist !

Takeo has been at the vet’s a couple of times in the last few weeks. Once, through choice, well, it was our choice, not his – to have him castrated. Subsequently, he required a follow up visit as he fails to understand the meaning of gentle exercise and appeared to have strained/loosened/burst something in his tender area, leading to a rather swollen scrotum and a strange John Wayne-esque walk. That has since subsided and he’s back to normal, however he had then to go back due to a swollen toe which antibiotics seemed unable to clear up. He had to have the toe sliced open and the vet managed to find the stem of a grass seed embedded deep in the tissue, the rest of the seed having seemingly worked its way out. Once again, Mr T is on for gentle exercise, and the only way to do that and keep his bandage clean and dry, is to have him back in the house.  He does seem to have quite taken to being house bound, provided he’s not left alone !  The astute amongst you maybe wondering how he is coping with Ciobair being in heat – I would say the answer is – possibly better than his brothers, but he’s tried, several times, to make beautiful shephusky puppies. His life is made no easier by Ruya ( yes, you guessed it) coming back into heat AGAIN.  Quite how this dinky little girl can possibly have 3 seasons in the last 11 months is beyond me. It really should be at least 2 more months before she came in, but obviously, Ciobair has dragged her hormones to the surface. As you can imagine, it’s hell around here.

Over the last couple of days, the temperatures have been slowly dropping. September is the month that marks the start of training for almost all of the dog teams here in the UK – there are those that try not to stop at all during the summer, but I’ve never been one for getting up at silly o’clock to take the dogs for a 1 mile run. But it’s time now to break out the training rig, to find out where I put the harnesses and lines and to hope that I did indeed wash them before putting them away.

See you on the trail.


One thought on “Heading Home.

  1. Where did you find the name of Ciobair? My Ciobair was a border collie. I’ve never run across that name anywhere else and can’t remember where I found it when I named her. She lived for 15 years and loved to work her sheep.


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