Running Away

I know, I know, running away is never the answer to any problem. However……………..

There’s always the one time when it seems the right and only thing to do. And having bitches in heat IS the right time. In all the years we have had dogs, it’s been the one time that I ever seriously question my sanity. As the hell that is grumpy girls and crazy boys unfolds before me, I wonder why I put up with it and I always, always doubt that any other kennel can possibly be as badly behaved as mine because if they all are – then surely we’d all have found a way to deal with it better, by now.

Truth be told, our girls aren’t actually that much of an issue – they moon around the place a bit, make a bit of a mess and demand even more affection than usual. Their major crime, in my eyes, is sneaking down to where the dogs are kennelled and sitting outside the gate, whining and drawing attention to themselves.

It’s the boys that, to use a good Scottish phrase, “do ma heid in”. I can’t decide which of their behaviours are the least desirable and which are the most irritating.

  1. Sometimes it’s the incessant whining and yipping – like that ever got the girl !
  2. Other times it’s the pushing, shoving and growling at each other
  3. Then there’s the complete inability to concentrate on anything sensible
  4. and finally, the refusal to eat.

There probably are others, but those are the big 4 and depending on what’s happening at any particular moment, I’ve decided whichever of the 4 is being done, right then, is the worst behaviour in the world – until the next moment.

So, in an effort to flee the madness, I loaded all the dogs and the neutered females into the dog truck and headed north. Well, it is September and we really should be starting training. Of course, no-one has informed the weather department and I’ve yet to see the temperature gauge drop below 48 F at any time, day or night. Due to the warmer than I like temperatures, training has been restricted a bit, to smaller teams and shorter runs. That’s actually not much of a hardship at this time of year as it enables me to build a good solid muscle base on the dogs. Star performers so far have been Harry, Fina and possibly Teague. The usual suspects fill the “invisible dog” gang and Seven is heading for Skiver of the Trip award.

However, the running away hasn’t been 100% successful – in fact it’s hardly worked at all. Trey is convinced that either Ruya or Ciobair are somewhere close and if he makes enough noise and refuses enough food, they’ll be so impressed by his efforts, they’ll appear and throw themselves at him in a fit of passion. I have told him several times it’s just not going to happen and that all he is doing is moving himself further up the list for a trip to the vets. It appears that Rule No.3 from above is in effect during those chats !

if you look back at the entry in August and see the photograph of the overgrown field –  this is it now !Dogs and houses appear from the overgrown field

Dogs and houses appear from the overgrown field

One thought on “Running Away

  1. Nice-looking blog, Peter. We haven’t heard from you for too long, and from the comparison photos I can see why. We’re run off our feet here in Manitoba getting ready for winter. All our doghouses failed to make it down from the Yukon, as well as our chain tackle, so it’s been a case of “all’s to do again.” I may email you when (if) I can catch my breath.


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