Is A Picture Worth a 1000 Words ?

Well, I’d love to either be able to tell you or allow you to look at the picture in question and let you decide.

However, in this case, a picture seems to be worth the $22 it’s going to cost me to buy a replacement rechargable battery for my camera after mine failed at the crucial moment !  I’d like to say the photograph was perfectly structured with amazing light and an outstanding theme – of course, it was of my dogs, running in perfect unison ON SNOW, powering up a long incline, with the silhouette of a roe deer at the head of the hill. Quite possibly, I wouldn’t have managed to get all those elements into the one shot, or I’d have fallen off the Fritz cart, but in my head it was all planned out and already looking great on the wall. The camera not powering up was definitely not on the agenda.

You may have just glanced over the most amazing part of the previous paragraph………………….. it was 22nd November, and we’ve got snow – not a lot, admittedly, but a complete covering and more fell again that day, leaving us with close on 4 inches of snow by Sunday morning. It’s now Tuesday and it’s all gone. Such is the life for Scottish sled dogs – you have to make the most of the snow when it makes it’s all too brief appearances. Taking a sled out never crossed my mind, minimal snow cover = no chance of a snow hook holding = recipe for bad things happening. However, the cooler temperatures and the softer surface allowed me to explore further with the team. Ruya and Fina excelled in running lead the whole way.


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