For Teague’s Fan Club

Here’s a first for me. (Well, several actually).

Anyway, the recent rather wintery weather we’ve been having here in Scotland has been rather good for getting the dogs out and enabling me to push their distances onwards. It’s nice to be clean coming in from a run too. This is a short clip taken with my Sony Cybershot digital camera – I’m holding on with one hand, trying to keep the camera steady with the other and have my glove tucked in under my chin so I can trigger the buttons – at least that’s my excuse for the “funny voice”.Possibly it’s my lack of balance that contributes to that too. So, first time I’ve managed to video them and my first youtube video too.

Teague has a couple of fans – and I’m not always one of them, but latterly he seems to have taking the pep talks a bit more seriously.Maybe it’s just that at 5 years old, he is finally settling down but whatever the reason, he’s been running lead really well over the last few weeks and has been out shining Harry in the performance department. So, Dog of the Month for November is Teague.

In this clip, he’s running lead with Ruya.


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