The End of the World was Nigh

Just in case you missed the cries of anguish from all over the UK as it snowed a little, and “Western Civilisation” seemed to be grinding to a halt.

On Monday last week, London stopped – 3 airports closed, no aeroplanes, few trains and no buses – because 6 inches of snow fell……… honestly, you couldn’t make it up.  On and off since then, there has been snow fall over many parts of the UK and the reactions to it seem to depend greatly on your age and ability to avoid seeing worst case scenarios in every moment.

The “t’internet” has been full of photographs taken by UK husky owners of their dogs enjoying this fairly unusual occurence – unless you live in parts of Scotland where we’re a little more used to it.

However, I haven’t seen much snow, being stuck at home with a dead truck and receiving taunting pictures taken from our training camp.

Running dogs in Scotland !
Running dogs in Scotland !

Yep, my friend Michael, who is staying up there just now,  has been very vociferous in both verbal and visual displays of just how much fun he has been having, in my absence. That’s his dogs heading up MY drive !                    What can I say – I’m insanely jealous but pleased he’s having a good time ( no, really, I am……).


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