Mamma, I’m all growed up now

On occasion,  I am definitely guilty of babying our dogs. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, after all, who doesn’t like being spoiled and protected.  I also accuse my wife of being far too soft on our dogs.  Again, I’m not actually complaining about that, but really, half of these “house” dogs should be in the dog yard !

It seems that Ruya agrees with me……………………

Over the last few weeks she has started hanging around the “big dog” gate and refusing to come in when she knows that the big dogs are getting out. So, she’s been left out playing with them and I have really noticed a difference in her confidence and bearing when mixing with them. She’s also not so daft – the feeding routine here is – house dogs first, big dogs playtime, big dogs feed. Now Ruya gets fed with the house dogs and then plays with the big dogs and then accompanies them into their pen at feeding time. Second breakfast anyone?  After eating, I let all the dogs off their chains and they settle down for the day. Ruya usually comes out with me at that point.

Not last week.  It seems little Missy R feels she is ready to move out !

I have made umpteen trips out to check on her and everytime, she’s just hanging around Vader, looking quite happy and well accepted. I had wondered if we were ever going to get the “not supposed to be in the house” house dogs back into the yard. It looks like Ruya felt it was time.


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