Formation Sunbathing

Summer in Scotland is a difficult thing to predict.

Tradition would dictate July and August should be our sunniest/warmest/most summerlike months. Practice and experience have shown that is optimistic at best and a downright lie at worst. As a biker, I have often found that the most consistently “nice” month for good weather is May. Now, that comes a little early to be considered a proper summer month probably. However it has once again been shown to be the case this year. Temperatures hitting into the 80’s by 9.00 am – ridiculous.

Anyway, we’ve slid into June and things are back to normal and there are far fewer people wandering around looking like they’ve just spent the past hour sleeping under the grill.

I managed to take this photograph the other day, when our 3 “oldies” were snoozing in the morning sunshine. Sod’s law dictates that as soon as a camera is pointed in their general direction, heads belonging to previously comatose dogs suddenly come to life.

Bhu, Keetna and Ribhinn snoozing in the field
Bhu, Keetna and Ribhinn snoozing in the field

I keep telling them all they should make the most of bug free, sunny days.  I did get our builders to set up 3 Mosquito Magnets around our prospective new dog yard and they have reported that they do seem to be making things a bit less flying, biting insect filled. I suspect that’s a local’s perspective and us, sweet blooded Europeans will resort to bathing in Deet or other assorted sprays.


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