Dogs just being Dogs

There was a conversation I saw/heard recently where the topic was “What do sled dogs do in the summer”.

Since then, Ive been patiently trying to film our guys doing what they like to do – which is chase next door’s whippet up and down the fenceline. Of course, as is the way of these things, said whippet hasn’t been seen since. However, it is fun to watch and a good little piece of exercise.

The other things they like to do are – hunt the moles and voles and play with the young birds. We have a large swallow family that returns to nest in our barns each year. Every summer, the adults teach the youngsters to fly the “gauntlet of death” – basically, the flock circles overhead of the dogyard and the game is to fly down between the dogs, do a lap of the field and then rejoin the other birds. I kid you not !  It is an amazing thing to watch.

However, at the moment the swallows are still at the nesting stage so that’s not filmable, as I said the whippet seems to be on his holidays, which leaves chasing and wrestling each other as the main source of fun.


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