Scotland to Alaska – and back

The impending move looms ever closer – flights are booked for us and cargo space has been reserved for the dogs. Crazily, we won’t actually know for sure that the dogs will get on their scheduled flight until a mere 2 weeks before take-off. Doubly frustrating was the news that even if the space is confirmed, the dogs, or some of them could end up being bumped off the plane if the cargo space placement changes.  We’ve been assured this is unlikely – won’t stop the worry until we get to see our guys being unloaded at Anchorage.

Late in June I took another trans-Atlantic flight for a visit to our building site, I mean, new house.  It was a wonderful feeling to be able to drive up our new driveaway and see the house and dogbarn in all their glory. Well, not quite glory as they’re both still very much works in progress but they did look good. Considering that the last time I was there,  it was all black spruce, it was fantastic to see the development. The pictures that our builders have been taking on a regular basis gave us an idea of the progress, but they failed to portray the full impact.


The house with barn
The house with barn

Our builders, Robert and Paula of CMM General Contractors and their crew of guys are doing a great job, not just with the actual work, but with ideas and amendments. Paula also dragged me around some suppliers to make decisons and colour choices. Try as I might, I couldn’t evade all responsibility, but I did manage to delay the majority of those decisions till we’re both over there. Paula and Robert also were kind enough to feed me several times – although Robert still shakes his head every time I ask him to just throw my moose steak back on the grill for another few minutes……………………………..


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