Wanna Buy A Van?

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this genius idea before now………………… possibly the fear of a million spammers swamping me but WordPress seems to do a sterling job of keeping the blog clear normally, so fingers crossed.

I know some of you that read this are not in the UK – and so, you can skip the rest of this drivel and wait a couple of days for the next piece of nonsense that arrives here.

I’m pretty sure WordPress never really intended a blog to be used so gratuitously as a “For Sale” advert, but it’s an evolving field and nothing stays the same or stands still, else it gets swallowed up.

FOR   SALE                  2003    Mercedes Benz  Sprinter  313 CDi

Long wheel base van in ubiquitous white (with some very traditional surface rust spots). 53 plate. Owned by me since Oct 05. Serviced annually, reconditioned engine fitted in April 09 and has remnant of 1 year’s warranty. New heavy duty battery fitted last month. New M+S tyres fitted Dec 08 to rear. Taxed till April 2010 and MOT’d until end July 2010.
Boxed to carry 12 dogs in individual boxes 3’x2’x2′. Sliding doors. And no, you don’t get the dogs with it. All boxes can be accessed from inside the van, if required.
Storage areas around wheel wells. Side loading door. Front half of cargo area is empty – large enough to carry the smaller quads, set up as a living area or box out for more dogs.
Has 2 powered Fiamma vents (blow or suck), Fiamma awning, towbar with electrics. Separate leisure battery with split charger.
Single passenger seat fitted – I still have the original double if you want that. Single seat makes it much easier to get into the back of the van from the front.

Dog boxes inside van
Dog boxes inside van

More pics available if desired.
£2750. Fixed Price   – I’ve been told that’s a very, very reasonable price, but unfortunately, I’ve kind of given up the bargaining position due to my well known departure date looming. So, the van’s cheap – but it won’t be getting any cheaper !

If interested, contact me by email peter at gealachmor dot com. You’ll know which bits of that to swap for standard email addys – and if you don’t, ask your kids or nieces or nephews.


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