Don’t Panic, Captain Mannering !

As ever,  the best advice from Corporal Jones………………..

It’s been a bit crazy to say the least – it seems like we had plenty of time and then suddenly it is happening now. Saying goodbye to friends and family has been hard, getting organised has been hard and packing has yet to happen.

However, our main priority and our main concern is, as always, our dogs. Things were going very smoothly, it was all in hand and we had a schedule that appeared to be the best possible compromise between speed, good kennelling and the fewest possible number of airport changes for the dogs.

The way airline cargo space works is on a short period of notice to confirm bookings – we had verbal agreements that they knew we needed the space and they were going to hold that for us. Now, as it comes time to book and confirm, it has all gone pear shaped.  Bearing Cpl Jones advice in mind, we didn’t panic, but set about resolving the situation, with the main driving force being Martin Brown of Airpets.

So, tonight, in only an hour or so, the dogs get collected to make the first step on their big journey. We’ll not see them again until we collect them at Anchorage Airport.

It’s worrying.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic, Captain Mannering !

  1. Hi Peter & Joyce,

    Only just heard from Debbie that you have moved. What a long way from our days at Edinburgh Airport. I am living in Glenrothes and you in Alaska!! Jane, the woman I now live with, and I are cruising Alaska from 10/09-26/09. I realise Alaska is a huge place but I thought it would be great, with a lot of luck, if we could meet up. We are starting at Vancouver then going to Ketchikan, Juneua, Skagway, Sitka and Victoria. We end up in San Francisco. Get back to me. Hope you Joyce and all the dogs are well.



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