Postcard from Texas

Dear Mum and Dad

Just a quick note to let you know we are doing well. Not sure what has happened since we left you at home on Monday night to go on our travels, but some of us suspect there’s been a hitch or two.

The first couple of days were fine, we got to meet up again with our old friends at the kennels down in Heathrow and got treated very well. There was no fuss from any of us, – well, except little Roo, who did make a bit of a song and dance about getting on a plane. The flight to New York was ok, — have to say,  the in-flight movie down in the cargo hold sucks and the catering left a bit to be desired too. However, we were treated like superstars when we got there and had no trouble with those pesky Customs people.

We appreciate that you arranged accommodation for us in NY, but quite honestly, we think we’d rather have been closer to Times Square or Central Park, there’s really not very much to recommend Newark. It was also about this time that it all seemed to get a bit vague with the tour operators…………..  I took my “Pop” role very seriously and was a bit surprised when 4 of our little group disappeared off on an excursion. Much muttering on my part only brought the response that Teague, Milloy, Takeo and Tasker had gone to their new home !  How typical of those 4 brothers, just to shoot off ahead of the rest of us.  I did point out that Ciobair was supposed to travel to meet the folks first, seeing as she’s never been away from home before – I think they just wanted to keep her around as she was so cute.

So, whilst those 4 hoodlums were flying far across the USA, heading for Seattle and then on to Anchorage, we got to spend another few hours in the delightful suburb of Newark  (remind me not to go there again).  Plan A was still in effect, and we duly packed all our bags to hop on the long flight to Seattle – except they made 4 of us duly unpack our bags as there wasn’t going to be enough space for all 12 of us to hop on the long flight to Seattle. Hmmmm, that definitely wasn’t the plan. I bravely volunteered to stay behind, provided I got lots of girlie company – so Wink, Nadia and that screaming daughter of mine, Seven joined me back at the hotel, kennels.  We waved those rowdy 8 off and told them to pass the word on to our folks that we’d be along shortly ( we hoped).

Turns out we didn’t have to suffer another night on the East Coast, and quite frankly, we’re still not too sure what happened, but me and the gals clambered aboard the first available plane heading anywhere and have wound up here in Houston, Texas. I have to say, it’s pretty “danged hawt”  ( just practising the ol’ southern drawl, y’all, in case we end up staying here – although I sure hope not).

So there it is, I’ve heard through the bush telegraph that the group of 4 hooligans and the second batch of 8 made it safely into Anchorage on 2 flights on the Friday and have been collected and are now settled into their new home.

Us 4 are still sweltering in the August Texan sun – actually, we’re not really – we have air con here :).

Much love



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