Finding our feet

We’ve been here 2 and a half weeks now. Time seems to have flown by – every day is a blur, requiring us to drive seemingly endless miles, to attend meetings, to make design decisions about the house and finishings, to buy the things we need and to make lists. Lists seem to be our raison d’etre – if it’s not on a list, then it probably should be.

The dogs really have settled well, enjoying the amazing extended Alaskan summer. Everyone has made a point of telling us that this summer has been unusually warm and sunny and that we have indeed been fortunate. Our “Skeeter Vacs’ have also been doing an excellent job, sucking up the pesky little varmints with gusto.  We’ve still had some insect bites, but nothing like the horror stories we heard before getting here.

We’ve managed to pick up a second hand atv and so are ready to start training the dogs. The mornings are definitely getting cooler and there is frost forecast ahead. We have started scouting some of the local trails and are enjoying hearing some of our neighbours’ dog teams hooking up from their yards.

On Saturday night, we went along to the Willow Community Centre to a slide show presentation given by Miki and Julie Collins. It was a wonderful talk about their dogs, their life trapping and living in the wilderness, illustrated by some truly amazing photographs of their dog team.

Just in case we were thinking life was going along a little too smoothly, Ruya decided that now would be a good time to come into season. Our boys, Milloy especially, have been strongly suggesting this was the case for the last few days, and now the evidence is indisputable. It just makes life for us all a little more complicated in our temporary set up.


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