Avery is a 3 year old female, also from Jedeye Siberians at Manitou Crossing.

She was the sole female pup from a litter between 2 of Jedeye’s famous dogs, Trekkie and Fiona, and we feel very fortunate to have Avery come live with us. She was initially a little reserved but she is such a sweetheart that on the journey from Minnesota to Alaska, she decided I was ok  and worth getting to know better. She had been training with the Jedeye main string dogs earlier this fall, and is well ahead of the rest of our guys in terms of miles this year.

She is a bundle of fun and little pocket dynamo.

Jedeye Avery of Manitou
Jedeye Avery of Manitou

One thought on “Avery

  1. We tried 100 times to talk Blake and Jen out of selling or leasing Fiona.
    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding this particular purchase. If you ever breed her (to a large male)… please keep us in mind. Cheers.


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