And I’ve been accused of having strange names for my dogs…….

New dogs numbers 5 and 6 came from TJ Schrader’s Cold Canyon Sleddogs kennel.

I’d been writing back and forth with TJ almost as soon as the litter was born. From an early age he was full of praise for these pups, and has high hopes that they’ll develop into being as good dogs as their parents, Boogie and Blaze. Once we had agreed to take 2 pups, it was the tricky matter of trying to decide which dogs to have – from 3000 miles away. So far, it seems to have worked out well !

I was planning on having the pups flown up as I figured that at 18 weeks old, the long truck journey might be a little too much when they had never met me. However, TJ has had the pups going on camping trips, long truck journeys and eating on tethers and he was sure they would be fine. And how right he was. The two I took away with me never caused me any concerns on the trip and the only thing I would say about them was that I felt bad that they never got enough “playtime” on the road. They’re making up for it now tho’ !

As for names, well, the boy is called Rimini – not after the Italian resort but a Colorado mine apparently and the little girl was called Whopijaw – an old time Colorado word meaning out of whack, out of kilter, squint etc. I was never sure how that was pronounced and TJ was calling her Whopi – I called her Whoopi, Wop, Wopi and Whopi and in the end, I gave up and decided to call her Hop.

They have settled in really well and are playing wildly with Fionn and Ciara. Rimi also has a rather disgusting habit but I’ll save that story for another day.

Cold Canyon's Rimini
Cold Canyon's Rimini
Cold Canyon's Hop
Cold Canyon's Hop

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