It’s snowing !

OK, maybe we’re a little over-excited considering this is Alaska and it is known for it’s long, cold, snowy winters. However, the Duncan effect has been in full flow since we got here. Summer was warmer than normal, much more sunshine than normal and autumn (or Fall, if you prefer) has been incredibly mild and un-Alaskan. Most mornings it is barely below freezing and recently one of my neighbours was telling me that this time last year, they were already running sleds.

So, it was lovely to wake up and look outside to see the dogyard covered in snow. Barely covered admittedly, but it’s a start. The forecast for the coming week is cold but sunny, so it may not stay, but hey, we’re Scottish, we’re used to that.

First snows in Willow, 28 Oct 2009Dogbarn and "girly dog" pen


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