Happy Thanksgiving

I suppose we should get into the spirit of all things American, ensconced as we are deep in the Last Frontier.  However, it is still one of the things that we are finding “different” – and the many good wishes and “have a happy Thanksgiving” greetings we receive are still novel enough to leave us a little unsure of the proper response. I’ve resorted to a cheery wave and a mumbled retort. Despite trying to avoid the place as much as I can, I do still find myself somehow, in Walmart, being accosted both on the way in and the way out by the person who possibly has one of the most soul destroying jobs around – the Walmart greeter.  I’m not sure why they are there and I don’t need to be welcomed into any kind of shop, especially not one that I don’t really like going into, but end up in, because, well, it’s just convenient. I’m Scottish – we don’t really talk to strangers unless they are cute and we’ve been drinking.

My handler wife has gone back to Scotland for a visit, to see family and to find out if she’s homesick yet.  I’ve told her she isn’t. Of course, this means I’m in charge and have discovered that 28 dogs is actually quite a lot of work. The way the yard has developed, we actually have it split almost in two, so J has been dealing with our 11 “original” dogs, I have the 12 “new” dogs and the 5 house dogs get a bit of both of us.

It has also been a little chilly – previously, I had recorded a low of -25F, well, we had several nights of it getting down to -33 F. That’s a cold, cold, cold -36 C. The upside of that (there’s an upside to everything) is that when it warmed up to 0 F, it seemed lovely and mild. A few days later, it got back up to 15F and the layers all had to come off again.

We had had no new snow till the night before Thanksgiving, when just short of 6 inches fell. It’s very fluffy, powdery, light snow that makes walking through it quite a slog. As I had dinner plans, I left the snow clearing for another day. However, that is a chore that does need done regularly, otherwise we’ll get stranded. So, I have learned a new skill.

My atv with snowplow attached and a cleared frontyard
The snowplowmobile

I quite enjoyed running the ‘blade (as we professionals say) and think it could possibly be a new career. I already have a business slogan in mind……….   We may not be very good, but we’re very fast.


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