4 Letter Words

There’s been a plethora of 4 letter words around here since J went home.

Words like snow, sled, snow-hook (ok, I know that’s 8 but as the hook bit is the important part, that’s what counts).  Most of those 4 letter words are contained in sentences that begin with phrases like – have you been out on the $#@* yet or does your h**% hold ? Common everyday talk to likes of you and I, possibly distressing to others. And my answers have always been,  no, and no.  Because the second “no” means that whilst fluffy, dry powdery snow is lovely to look at and play in, it has all the holding qualities of runny custard. And that means you have no way of stopping a team and getting them to stay in place whilst you fix anything. So, the sensible me has refrained from running the s&*d ——  until now.

Hooking up the dogs for a sled run

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