‘Tis the Season

indeed it ’tis………………………..  the Season of peace on earth, goodwill to all men and bitches to be in heat.

Bitches in heat also trumps the aforementioned peace on earth and goodwill to all men, because quite frankly, they definitely are not in the spirit of Christmas. I can never decide whether I prefer them to all come in together and get it over with – or if it’s easier to just have one girl to segregate. So, in the end, nature has compromised – we have 4 girls in season, which leaves another 5 to follow on at some point.

Ciobair, Avery, Lightfoot and Ciara are the guilty parties on the female side. However, to be fair to them, they aren’t actually being that difficult about it. Avery has decided that her food is much better strewn around her circle, she likes to carry her bowl from spot to spot and is never really sure if she wants to eat it or hide it. The others really don’t seem to have changed much (apart from the obvious) and they are all still racing around, wrestling and playing as always. Well, there is the rather comical sight of the lesbo daisychain but other than that……..   all the chaos is on the other side of the fence.

Quiz was the first to start the mournful singing, he does live closest to the girls’ pen and he would sit for hours gazing at them and moaning. He seems to have gotten over that part of it – mostly – but Milloy and Teague have taken up his mantle. Milloy is by far the most affected male, won’t eat, won’t drink, can’t think straight and just paces, whining and screaming along the fence line.

Hopefully, it will all be over soon and our nice quiet kennel can get back to normal. Probably just in time for Hop, Ruya, Mermaid, Ruby and Oak to start.  Please wait for the Spring to arrive, girls !


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