Heart Stealers

Puppies are cute. There’s absolutely no denying that. Even people who don’t like dogs (and I was as surprised  as you to find out that there were people who didn’t like dogs) think puppies are cute. When those puppies are destined to come and live with us, they suddenly become a hundred times cuter – at least in our eyes.

Winter Lily and Wild Rose
Winter Lily and Wild Rose
puppies snoozing
Lily cuddles Rosie - everybody says aaaaaahhhhhhh

We are incredibly happy to introduce Deer Creek’s Winter Lily at Gealach Mor and Deer Creek’s Wild Rose at Gealach Mor. Admittedly those are their “Sunday” names and a bit of a mouthful for every day use, so you can call them Lily and Rosie. Born on 24 November 2009, they have already had quite an adventure in their short 11 week life, flying from Denver to join us here in Alaska. They are lively, outgoing, curious happy little girls and have been adopted by our German Shepherd, Ciobair. She regards it as her job to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble, don’t wander off too far and always have something to chew on. Even if that is her tail………

Just bite here
Tails are for chewing

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