Another Trip To The Airport

………… means that yet more dogs have arrived here at Gealach Mor.

We thought we were set and had all the dogs in place that we would work with over the next few years, but an unexpected email offering us the opportunity to own 2 dogs from our beloved Seppala line presented us with a mini dilemma. A dilemma that lasted all of about one second before we jumped at the chance to bring these 2 girls over to live with us in Alaska.

Cuchi of Seppala
Cuchi of Seppala
Dushka of Seppala
Dushka of Seppala

These girls have travelled extensively, being born at Seppala Kennels in the Yukon, moving with them when the entire kennel moved to Manitoba, prior to being sold to a kennel in Maine. Now, they have returned almost full circle, to live in Alaska.


One thought on “Another Trip To The Airport

  1. nice to see that these dogs will now be living in a setting where their true potential will shine! Congratulations on ALL of your new additions.



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