It seems like the dogs are starting to remember some of that discipline they used to have in previous winters. Hook ups so far have been a little wild and tough on the equipment. During Cameron’s 3 weeks here we’ve lost 3 leads, 2 necklines and 2 harnesses. The gangline would have been in trouble too, but I use cable filled, for that very reason.

Of course, it’s not Cameron that is doing the chewing, but the simple fact that we’re hooking up 2 teams and it’s taking a lot longer than normal to get out. Plus, the dogs are overly excited because of that second team going out and additionally, most of Cameron’s team seem to be in heat as well.

However, this photograph shows that half a dozen runs later, the dogs have take a turn for the mellow side. Harry is still not to be trusted, hence he’s not harnessed and he’s attached by a chain, however, Oscar, the other lead dog has taken chilled to a whole new level. The swing dogs, Avery, the smaller of the two, and Teague are just minding their own business. Young Quiz seems to have taken a leaf from Oscar’s book and only Takeo at wheel is still being a dipstick.

Of course, the 2 real lunatics are still not yet hooked in, once Junior and Milloy arrive, it’s definitely not quite as serene.

Hook Up Time
Hook Up Time

2 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Hah!! Fun stuff!!

    You ought to visit us at the Dawg House when we are hooking up the Baldy x Halley pups. Loud as heck and anxious, very anxious to move the sled. At this stage hooking the team up alone is impossible. By the time you have gone back to the drop line to get dog #3, dog #1 has chewed the necklines off!


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