Freaky Fionn

It’s Fionn’s birthday in a few days and he and his sister will be 1 year old on the 14 April.

Fionn, or Fionnghal (which means white stranger), to give him his full name – has unfortunately lived up to that name. He’s definitely white, of course that’s not really the issue. He’s definitely strange – although I don’t think that’s quite how it was meant.  Fionn is just plain old spooky, everything frightens him and he’s not backward at letting you know just how unhappy he is. In complete contrast, his sister Ciara is frightened of nothing and no-one. If she gets knocked down in the dogyard, her response is to jump up barking as if to say – “is that all you’ve got, bring it on”.

Fionn only has 2 friends in the whole world. His food bowl – now that we switched it to a rubber one because the metal one made too much noise sliding on the snow, which he didn’t like. And Junior. That came as quite a surprise to me – and to Junior, who didn’t seem that fond of him at all, but since they are tethered next to each other, and Fionn’s reaction to any unsettling situation, is to move as close to Junior as he can get, he doesn’t really have much say in the matter.  The big guy just seems to have accepted this new burden in his life.

Fionn seeks solace from Junior - again
Fionn seeks solace from Junior - again

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