Not Giving Up The Day Job

For some reason, I always like the dogs to have their names on their houses. It’s a silly little foible of mine that has very little practical use – after all, we don’t have a handler needing to know who goes where, we don’t do kennel tours so people aren’t wondering what that one is called and, to the best of my knowledge, our dogs can’t read.

However, those factors are immaterial and so, over the years, I’ve labelled their houses with paint, a Magic Marker and latterly, a Sharpie. None of which I do particularly well and none of which look that good.

So, with the warmer weather, the melting snow and some free time on my hands, I thought I would try a new way to get names onto houses. Occasionally, I suffer from what can only be described as a triumph of thought over ability. This is one of those times that I think we could call it a draw.

Dog House Names
Dog House Names - made by me !

So, there we have the first 4 – ok, 4 of the first 5, Ruby’s was done first and let’s just say that it was a case of trying to go too far too fast – which sounds a lot like my teenage love life, but anyway…………    Teague’s will be scrapped and redone, honestly, that’s a flaw in the wood at the E, it just crumbled. Plus, I realised that my freehand sizing is a bit off.

Dushka was done next and is fairly decent, apart from the wood flaking off at the tail of her S.  I know, I know, a workman and his tools.  For Avery, I tried a different size bit and although it was easier to work with, the end result is not quite as clear. Mermaid’s was the last one done today and looks pretty darn acceptable.  I guess the next decision is whether to stain the carved letters or just let it weather. As hard to believe as it may be, my painting skills make my carpentry skills look passable.

Fortunately, I don’t plan on a career change into the woodworking business. There are also a few positives to take from this afternoon’s work. I still have all my limbs and fingers, there are no unexpected holes in the deck or in the house dogs and best of all, I can actually use the results of my labours – well, some of them. Only 29 more to go.


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