Time Flies

and other such excuses……………………………….

Well, you’re surely not expecting me to admit to being too disorganised or lazy to sit down and update this blog, are you?

Where were we ?  Oh yes, it was April, now it’s May, it was winter, now it’s Spring, it was Mud Season, now it’s not – well not quite so much anyway, we had house guests, now we don’t, I had a spell alone, now I’m not again.

See, bringing you up to date was easy.

I have said previously that Alaska has taken it easy on us this first year. By all accounts that includes break up, the onset of Spring or mud season, call it what you will, it involves the melting of the winter snow and the subsequent dispersal of all that water. It was a mess. And in parts of our trail system, it still is a mess. A deep, wet, clingy, mucky, bottomless pit of squelchy mud, sand and water. Do you want to know how I know…………….  well, let’s just say the Yamaha Rhino was lucky to get pulled out in one piece and is a different colour from the doors down than it used to be.

Anyway, it seems that we had a long, gentle introduction to Spring this year, which meant we got a gradual melt, rather than the more normal epic flood. It was interesting and parts of the dogyard were a no-go zone for a week or two, even the dogs avoided the worst of the soft, sticky muck near the fence line. A couple of dogs had to be moved as their houses were in the middle of the flood plain, and Vader had rivers flowing past him on either side at feeding time.

Thawing snow, standing water and soggy mud
Thawing snow, standing water and soggy mud
It's supposed to be my path to the poop pit
Not safe to walk on

But it’s all in the past now. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the yard is dry and sandy again and it all seems a distant and not so dreadful memory. The two water pumps sitting in the garage are a constant reminder of just how much water we did have to shift though, and will serve as a warning to be ready sooner next Spring.


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