Dog of the Week – Bhu

Goodness, a week goes by quickly when you’re not paying attention. Beth’s week in the sun is done, and so the spotlight moves on to the old man, Gudunov’s Boo Radley, or as we call him Bhu – which is pronounced Boo – but we like strange spellings just to cause chaos at the vet’s office.

Our boy, Bhu
A much younger, but always wonderful Bhu

Bhu is the old man of the kennel, and will be 12 this summer. He joined us as a pup and as he grew up, he got stuck with the nickname BabyBhu because in amongst our other Siberians, he looked to be a bit on the small side. It really wasn’t until we went racing that we realised Bhu was actually pretty normal sized and it was the the other dogs that all seemed to have come from the Land of the Giants.

In our kennel of laidback, chilled out dogs, Bhu stands out – or should that be lays out, as the most laidback chilled out dog. I’ve never seen him flustered or overly excited about anything except getting a harness on. He’s always been a submissive, waiting his turn for attention kind of dog and that has continued all through his life. He took the move to Alaska in his stride and possibly the only thing he wasn’t too impressed about was losing his free access to outside. However, now that we have moved into the house, and he has worked out how to use the “escape hatch”, he is once more free to roam where and when he wills.

Bhu was a fine race dog and ran on my 4 and 6 dog sprint teams back in the UK, when we used to race there. He was on the winning 4 dog team at a Scottish Siberian Husky Club race at Devilla in Nov 2001 and also on our first 6 dog team win at Leannachan in March 2003.

Our 4 dog sprint team racing at Keillour Forest
Left Lead - Oakley, Right Lead - OB, Left Wheel - Bhu, Right Wheel - Tulsa
Our 5 dogs on stakeout, Devilla Forest
OB, Bhu, Oakley, Tulsa and Tindale - Devilla Forest

One thought on “Dog of the Week – Bhu

  1. It’s obvious that Bhu is a very special dog! Love the comment about strange-spelled names and causing chaos in the vet’s office, as well as the subtle humor throughout the post!



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