Dog of the Week – Ribhinn

Time for one of our oldies again. Gefrin Little Wing at Gealach Mor is her formal KC name, we call her Ribhinn. It is Gaelic, is  pronounced (by us at least) as ree-ven and means maiden or girl.  She’s another dog whose name causes chaos at the vets when we try to book an appointment for her.

Head photo
Ribhinn April 2010

Ribhinn was born in January 2001 and is one of the 16 dogs that made the trip to Alaska with us from the UK.  Ribhie is not really one for the outside life and I’m sure it all came as a bit of a shock to her when we got here. Not as much as the shock she got when the thermometer dropped down to – 36 C during our first winter here. Fortunately for her, she is and has been a house dog from Day 1, so she doesn’t actually spend that much time outside, unless she wants to – which most of the time, she doesn’t.

Ribhinn came from a working kennel in northern England and we had high hopes she would be a good addition to our crew. Somehow, the running gene seemed to have missed her and she did some racing as a 2 year old, but you could see her heart wasn’t it. Her siblings meantime, were running really well for their breeder !  Ribhie was averse to water, mud and effort – which if you’re a sled dog in Scotland is about the sum total of your running environment. In tandem with Keetna, who arrived at our place just a couple of weeks before her, this pair of girls declared themselves couch dogs and have happily stayed there ever since.  They are the only dogs we have who don’t make a fuss when we are hooking up the teams from the yard – I think they fear that if they make noise, they will draw attention to themselves and possibly be included. As if, because after all, that would spoil their pedicures.


Melt in the mouth cute
Our 3 dog race team at Tenstmuir, Scotland
Probably the only "race" picture in existence of the Terrible Trio




One thought on “Dog of the Week – Ribhinn

  1. Hey, was that you and your team pulling a car or truck out of the snow bank on Long Lake road the other day? My neighbor saw a great long team of dogs pulling someone out of a snow bank and was just extremely impressed. Hard tugging right on command and acting like it was just no big deal at all; do it every day; GET-ER-DONE!! LOL If so, way to go. If not, pass it on.


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