Dog of the Week – Rimini

Probably one of the most instantly recognisable dogs in the kennel, Cold Canyon’s Rimini at Gealach Mor.


Rimini with his distinctive split face marking
It can only be Rimi


Rimi, like his sister Hop joined us from TJ and Lindsey’s Cold Canyon kennel in 2009 as puppies. It was only recently that we discovered we had been pronouncing Rimini’s name wrongly. TJ and Lindsey say it as Rimi – nye,  we’ve always used Rimi-Knee – but most the time he’s just Rimi or Rims.

He’s a big, bouncy, happy-go-lucky dog in the yard, very respectful of the older males, but a little inappropriate towards the females on occasion. He eats and drinks like someone has told him there might not be another meal coming, ever. He loves attention and is not shy about seeking it – his favourite game is to jump into my arms. I like that but I’m not so keen on his adaptation of the approach. Most of our guys will walk up to you and make sure you know they are there before stretching up and leaning against you. Rimi likes to take a run up, preferably, it seems, from as far away as he can be and launch himself so that he flies through the air for about 10 feet before landing around my shoulders – and I’m 6’2 !!!  That’s fine if you see him coming, not so clever when it’s a surprise.

Rimi was harness broken last winter but did not do much running due to his age. This season, he was fully involved in all the Fall training and didn’t take too long to get the hang of it. His early runs were a mixture of too much excitement and that young dog thing of wanting to run fast all the time. He did get the hang of running with a partner and staying on his own side of the line, but he still wants to run full pelt all the time.


Rimi in his paler summer colouring
Rimi's colours fade in the summer
Rimi panting hard after a training run
Can you tell I was trying hard ?




Rimi in amongst Tasker, Teague and Beth
A splash of colour in a monochromatic world, Rimi with (L to R) Beth, Teague and Tasker




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