Dog of the Week – Rosie

Time for the baby of the kennel, Deer Creek’s Wild Rose at Gealach Mor.

Head shot of Rosie
As alert as ever, Rosie looks for her next victim


As mentioned elsewhere, we have a policy here of not giving dogs names that they may live up to, however we figured that Rosie was fairly safe. I mean, she may have “Wild” as part of her pedigree name, but it’s paired with a soft flower element and Rosie is such a cutesy name too. Seems like she prefers the wild part and not so much of the cute.

She was a lovely puppy, if a little precocious. Certainly not intimidated by her surroundings, she took off at 13 weeks old to explore the wilds of Alaska, followed faithfully by her slightly less obstreperous sister.  Fortunately, 13 week old puppies are quite small, and easy to track in 3 feet of snow. Rosie did make one further bid for freedom at an early age before being consigned to live behind the security of our fences.

She is much more dog orientated than her sister, and is not afraid to face up to any of the big dogs – admittedly that is usually from the security of the other side of the fence, but she was always trying to get through the gate to visit. Despite her small stature, she has a tough streak in her a mile wide and is not averse to voicing her opinion. She loves Ciobair and her favourite resting spot is wherever Ciobair is. And that usually involves Rosie climbing on top of her and curling into her hip.


Rosie sleeping on top of Ciobair
Rosie in her favourite resting place.



As a youngster, she displayed many of the attributes we always look for in a sled dog. She took to a harness easily, without any apparent concerns other than just how fast we could get going forward. As with all our youngsters, they have a very easy working life in this first year and we’re already looking forward to getting down to proper training.


Rosie stares through the fence
Rosie wanting in to play with the big boys. July 2010
Profile picture of Rosie on the deck
A rare static moment. Jan 2011
Rosie really close to the camera
Rosie and her back up crew





3 thoughts on “Dog of the Week – Rosie

  1. Wow, what a structure Rosie’s got! Watch out for that long, lean bodie, though, if she gets to bouncing around. I’d like to see her once she gets growing and going and grows into those legs, too. With that adventurous nature and will and drive to get going, do you reckon she might want to learn to lead some day?


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