Dog of the Week – Ruby

Sepp-Lok’s Ruby at Gealach Mor –  or super Ruby as she is known here.

Ruby's headshot
Lovely looking Ruby

Ruby joined from Josie Thyr’s SilverSepp Kennel almost as soon as we landed in Alaska  18 months ago. She was only 2 and a half years old then and we were told she had been running lead regularly. That did turn out to be the case and she is now considered one of the core group of lead dogs in the kennel.

She did have one fairly major trail issue – any stop was considered to be a unissued command to do a come haw. Not the most endearing trait and one that took me a few times to figure out what was going on in her head. Now, as long as she hears  the “line out” order as we stop, she is happy to keep facing forward.

She is a playful girl, very evenly tempered with just a touch of timidity. So far, nothing we’ve encountered on the trail has spooked her and she seems to have developed a really good leadership pairing with Ruya. (Excluding one run where the two of them seemed to collude in doing almost the exact opposite of what was wanted, at every possible opportunity.)

In the yard, she has her gang that she roughhouses with, primarily Ciara, Tasker, Oak and occasionally Rimi.


Ruya and Ruby leading our team of sled dogs
Ruby and Ruya - the dynamic duo.
Ciara and Ruby on top of a snow mound
Ciara and Ruby during a rare restful moment. Jan 2011
Ruby getting her leg pulled by Tasker
Ruby getting "got" by Tasker. Ciara is cheerleading as usual.




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