Dog of the Week – Ruya

Introducing Gwaihir’s Aruya at Gealach Mor, her call name is Ruya or just plain ol’ Roo.

Ruya staring into the camera
Ruya, bright, funny and smart

Ruya will turn 4 years old in April and has been running lead almost since she started wearing a harness. It only took her a couple of runs to decide that being at the front was her preferred position. It took me a few more runs to figure out that was what she was trying to tell me. Since then, if we put her in any other other position in the team, she lets you see just how unimpressed she is with her demotion.

The strangest aspect of her being such a good lead dog for us, is that she is a completely submissive dog to every other dog in the yard and house. In fact, she’s a total wimp, until she is harnessed and hooked in. Then it’s like a switch has been flipped and she gains another persona .

We actually call her our star Quarterback – she lives in the house, trots out to go on the training run and then trots straight back into the garden as soon as she’s turned loose from the gangline.  No mixing with the riff-raff, if she can avoid it.

She has formed a strong working relationship with Ruby, and as I can get both their attention by calling Roo, it works for me too.

Ruya is directly related to our boy Harry , his sister is her mother, but he doesn’t particularly display any avuncular affection for her.

Ruby & Ruya leading an 8 dog team across Willow Swamp
Ruby & Ruya leading an 8 dog team across Willow Swamp
A young Ruya posing in the snow
Ruya at 11 months old, in the snow in Scotland, March 2008

One thought on “Dog of the Week – Ruya

  1. I have noticed in years past (long past) that the best leaders are born, not made. My Targo (1972-1981) was from a long line of Norris leaders and produced leaders up to this day.


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