Dog of the Week – Seven

Gealach Mor’s Screamin’ Seven

Our dog, Seven, sitting on her house
Waiting to get off her chain. 20 Feb 2011

Seven is from our Buffalo Bills litter, born in 2003. She certainly lives up to the “Screamin” part of her name and as well as loving to make noise, she lives to eat. It is her favourite thing in the whole world to do and unfortunately, she doesn’t stop at just food. She is a stone eater and can find the smallest piece of gravel in an area you could swear was clear of anything other than sand. For us, winter and several months of snow cover is a real blessing.

As a working dog, she can be a little frustrating. Generally, you know exactly what kind of performance you will get from her – she’s solid, reliable if unremarkable. She does have this annoying knack of knowing just how much tension is needed on her tug to keep it taut, without always actually pulling. She has one truly redeeming feature in that she can be a good leader, when she chooses to be. She has had a couple of truly outstanding runs up there, in very difficult circumstances, and those earned gold stars grant her a lot of leeway…………………

Seven has always loved attention and from about 3 weeks of age, has always wanted to sit on our laps or be as close as she can be. She can also be quite vociferous about that desire.

Young pup with her mother
Seven gets a kiss from her mum, Beth. Oct 2003
Seven inside her new dog house
Seven surveys her empty bowl in disappointment. Feb 2010
6 dog team after a run, getting a drink
Ruya and Seven after a run in March 2010

One thought on “Dog of the Week – Seven

  1. Ho there! It was “gazouillaient” (twittering), and the sky was “sans nuage” as well as being blue, but, yes, those birds were in the trees every time. And spooky spookiness. Only this week did I recount to my long-suffering secretary that a recurring feature of a certain person’s French essays were little birds twittering etc etc! Hope the back continues to improve. Keep on with the blogging. It’s good to see the odd familiar face.


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