Dog of the Week – Takeo

Gealach Mor’s TikTak Takeo

Takeo's headshot backlit by the sun
The ever-imposing Takeo

Takeo was the last pup born from our first litter and for Beth, the mother’s sake, it was probably just as well. He was an enormous puppy, probably half as big again as some of his siblings and it’s a size advantage that he has retained although the difference is perhaps not quite as great as it once was.

Like all the pups from that litter he is a really sociable dog, they have lived loose and slept together from the moment they were born and still do so, 7 and a half years later.  He is a gentle giant with the heart of a lion. His strength is only equalled by his desire, as a working dog he lives to pull and has be known to singlehandedly drive the team forward up some serious hills.

His only downside is again due to his size, he has been occasionally prone to swollen wrists on harder trails once the miles start to increase.  I have often said, if I could have Takeo in a 15 lb smaller sized version, I would have my dream dog.

Takeo as a young dog
Takeo at home in Scotland
My 6 dog sprint team
Takeo on our Sprint team at wheel, Nov 2006
Takeo after feeding time with an empty bowl
Takeo the Magnificent, Feb 2011

One thought on “Dog of the Week – Takeo

  1. Gentle Giants are my absolute favorite dogs. They seem to always have the concern for all the others and their human as well as the drive to do the job.


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