Dog of the week – Tasker

Gealach Mor’s TaskerToo

Stunning headshot of Tasker
Tasker, superstar good looks

Tasker was the very first puppy born from our only litter bred to date. He was a big fluffy puppy and has grown into a big fluffy dog. He is sweet, gentle and very, very loving.

Along with all his siblings he made the trip to New Hampshire with us in 2004 for our winter there and learned his trade. He is a willing worker but suffers dreadfully if the temperatures start to warm too much. He also was my introduction into the fine art of crabbing and the various ways to remedy this strange gait. Now, he runs straight in any harness.

Tasker has his favourite playmates, chief amongst those are Nadia and Ciara.He also likes to play with his food, spill his soup and generally be a bit of a mucky pup. It is a good job he’s so gorgeous that he can be forgiven anything.

Tasker standing in perfect pose
Winter in NH, Dec 2004
Our team heading into a little ground blizzard
Late fall training, Nov 2010. Tasker at Right Team, just in front of the wheelers
Ciara cleaning Tasker's ear
Ciara checking that Tasker washed his ears this morning.

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