Dog of the Week – Teague

Gealach Mor’s Teague

Teague's head
Teague after the Craftsbury, VT race Jan 2005

Another of our homebred boys, Teague is the pack grump. He can usually find something to grumble about, but the good thing is that everyone else knows he just likes to moan so they just ignore him. Apart from his brothers, who have been known to stand grumbling back for as long as it takes for them all to get bored of this and go do something more interesting instead.

Teague is a good sized boy, a strong and willing worker and a solid leader. He probably works best when paired with Harry – not because they get on so well, but almost the opposite. They work together but as soon we are finished, Teague always has words to say. I think the reason they do work so well at lead, is the competitive edge they seem to bring out in each other.

Dog team home after a run
Teague and Harry, don't be looking at my bowl dude

Teague is and always has been a real cuddler of a dog, from when he was only 3 weeks old he wanted attention and that has continued to this day. He is 55 pounds now and it’s no mean feat to get him onto your lap, but that’s where he is happiest.

A group of our dogs on the play platform
Teague whispering today's password as the others all try to listen in
Harry, Teague and Seven at 2 years old
Harry and Teague (and Seven) when they were young and buddies
8 dog team on a frosty morning
Teague and Wink lead our team, Dec 2008

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