Dog of the Week – Vader

Riverdance’s Vader of Sepp-Alta


vader staring off into the distance
Vader in New Hampshire, Jan 2005

We bought Vader in March 2002 from Bob Davis of Tay Marr Siberians, along with Beth and they made the trip to the UK and had to endure 6 months in quarantine, as this was before the introduction of the Pet Passport scheme.

Vader had been running on Bob’s 12 dog distance race team and the transition to running the much shorter dryland distances in the UK seemed very easy for Vader.  He was always excitable, sometimes excessively so, but he had a fluid smooth gait that was a joy to watch.

In 2003, he sired our first litter and fortunately passed on most of his good qualities and none of his nuttiness. He became a great cheerleader in the team, any stops on the trail were always greeted with a swift roll on the ground, a mouthfull of snow and then a session of harness banging and screaming.  The obvious thing to do with this enthusiasm was to run him at lead. Hmmmm, or maybe not. Seems he liked being in the team, just not in front of it.

Vader is retired from running now, lives in the house when he can remember where the doggie door is, but at nearly 12 years old, he’s still quite happy to do a bit of fence fighting with the youngsters. He’s calmed down quite a bit since the time when the adjectives used to described him consisted mainly of words like : crazy, nuts, psycho and lunatic.


2 dogs sitting on a picnic table
Beth and Vader, the cute couple

6 dog team in the snow
Vader and Fina leading a 6 dog team, NH Feb 05

Vader standing on his dog house
Vader in the Scottish Highlands, Feb 2007


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