Let it snow, let it snow, let it……

10 April 2011                 4.00PM      Temperature  44 F      Cloudy

let it stop now, please………….

So, the last post I might have mentioned the onset of Spring. Maybe. Or maybe not. Over the last few days, it has been getting increasingly warmer with occasional afternoons where there were light sprinklings of snowflakes spiralling lazily downwards. They were so pretty and floated to earth so gently that the thought came to me that they were making as much effort to fall as that displayed by British Leyland workers building a car on a Friday afternoon.

Things were just beginning to melt, there were even some spots where we could see bare ground around the bases of the trees until the big spring storm blew in. I awoke to about 4 inches of fresh snow with more falling, thicker and faster than  anything we’ve seen here in our first two winters. By feeding time, the snow depth had doubled and by mid afternoon, when it finally quit falling we had amassed nearly 14 inches of snow in just a few hours.

Measuring the snow depth
All fresh today. (well not today, but that day)

Foolishly, although I prefer to say optimistically, the plowblade had been removed from the atv a few days earlier and the Rhino/mega-snowblower outfit had a couple of issues – namely a flat battery, so I couldn’t actually move any of this snow until I had charged the Rhino’s battery which took all day. And wonder of wonders, once it was running, I managed to get it all of about 6 feet into the snow before it got stuck and bogged down.

The ground had been thawing and was a bit softer than it has been all winter, obviously. Add in 14 inches of new snow and it’s a combination that defeated the previously unbeaten Rhino. Before admitting defeat, I managed to break one of the snowchains and spin one of the wheels so deep into the dirt, that the Rhino was distinctly lopsided. At which point, like all good outdoorsmen, I went inside for a beer. After all, I have a dog team and don’t actually need to clear the driveway and road – at least not for a few days yet anyway.

big snowblower moving snow
The Rhino at work in happier times

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