Dog of the Week – Wink

PseudoTsuga’s Winklestinker – better known as Wink, or Stinks or anything else that ends in “inky”.

Wink at home in Scotland, Nov 2006

Wink came to us from Mike and Sue at Tsuga Siberians, partly as a bribe and partly because they made us an offer that we had accepted before they could finish the sentence or change their minds. We know how much they worried about Wink coming over to Scotland and yet life has a funny way of giving reassurances. Mike and Sue now live and run their dogs up in Two Rivers, Alaska, and Wink lives with us in our new home in Willow, Alaska. So, from being over 3000 miles away, she is now only 300 or so and it’s been our pleasure to have Mike and Sue visit and see ol’ Winkers on a few occasions.

Wink moved to us in November 2006 and decided to become a house dog. A working house dog, to be fair, but a full time, not living outside at all, house dog. In the subsequent years, she has decided to become “just” a house dog, and forgo the working element of her life. Now, at 8 years old, she watches with interest as the others all scream to go running and it didn’t take any persuading at all, to get her back in harness. She is a calming influence around the youngsters and makes a great training partner.

She is also a wonderfully sociable dog, with the fluffiest feet (sorry, Mike) and takes up more than her fair share of space on the bed.

Wink as a pup, in Mike's arms
A young Wink, winking
Our dog Wink, finding a shady spot
Wink, prefers the shade to the sun, Willow, AK, July 10



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