Digging It

1 May 2011                 2.00PM      Temperature  47 F      Partly cloudy/partly sunny

Apparently it’s a sure sign of getting older, the ever increasing pace with which the days and weeks seem to pass by (and that you think the policemen all look like they are just finished school). I prefer to think that it’s more that we’re just so busy doing stuff, that we speed through the days. So, which ever is true, it is equally true that today is already the 1 of May.

The last of the snow slipped off the house roof this morning, and the worst of the meltwater, that I was whining about in an earlier post, seems to be over. We even have a few dogs that are happily sitting on their hardpacked, dry sandy soil again. We do still have a couple of sorry individuals that are less than impressed by the swampy conditions they will have to suffer for another few days yet. The top exercise area is a mixture of firm, dry sand, that the dogs are taking great joy in digging holes in, to create sleeping spots where they can sun themselves,  and boot sucking, ankle grabbing swampy squidgeyness – that is best avoided, if at all possible.  The torrents of water that cascaded across the yard, creating their own mini – or not so mini on occasions, riverways, led to a few days where the trips to the poo pit could just as easily have been done by kayak .

However, the weather has been kind, the sun has been shining and it’s been nicely warm which has helped speed the departure of the snow and dry the ground. It will still be quite a while before the trails dry enough to walk on enjoyably, but we seem to have survived the worst of break-up for another year.

Dogs in the sun on wet sand
Ribhinn and Wink sunbathe on the dry spot, after wading over there.

It is been a little strange to read of friends back in the UK having barbecues and harvesting the first of this season’s rhubarb, especially when I can look outside and report that our rhubarb is still under a couple of feet of snow. Our vegetable garden is still completely covered as well, so we’re still a few weeks from thinking about having to do any gardening  work. And the debate continues about whether we will actually plant vegetables again after the series of failures we had last summer.  Thank goodness that rhubarb is so indestructible, so at least we had something growing productively. Even our raspberry bushes stubbornly refused to grow, never mind produce fruit. Hopefully, the flowers and other shrubs that went in last summer will have survived the winter and give us some much needed colour around the place.

Our vegetable garden under the snow.
Our clear driveway, our covered vegetable garden under the snow on sunny, Sunday afternoon.

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