Belated Birthday Boy, Bhu

2 August 2011 10.00 am 56 F Rain

Our dog, BhuBhu, just after his 13th birthday.

Just because he’s the senior citizen, Bhu gets a special mention on his birthday. Well, almost on his birthday, which actually was a couple of days ago. But as long as you don’t tell him I forgot, I’m sure he won’t mind that his treat was a little late.

His pace has slowed down a lot, and he likes nothing more than a long sleep, followed by a snooze, rousing himself only for a wander around the yard, before the agonising decision of selecting a dog bed for his afternoon nap. Bhu is now profoundly deaf, a fact that doesn’t hamper his enjoyment of life one bit. The only drawback we have noticed, is that occasionally, we will have to wake him up at feeding times as he has slept through all the commotion that the others have made.

Happy Birthday old boy.


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