The Curse of August

11 August 2011      4.00 pm      69 F    Sunny and lovely

The Ides of March, St Swithin’s Day and I’m sure there must be others – those are dates or days to be wary of. To that, admittedly short list, I am adding August. Yes, the whole month, even though we are but a third of the way through it.

We’ve just had 9 consecutive days of rain. Not just a few drops here and there, but solid, heavy, downpouring of miserableness from the sky. Day after day, hour after hour. It was so heavy one night, that the house dogs refused to go outside for their bedtime bathroom visit. Apart from Ciobair, who seems not to care that she almost had to swim across the yard to bark at shadows.

Last August was even worse, I think it rained every day of the month. It was so heavy some days, I ran out of wet weather gear, because I discovered some of my “waterproofs” weren’t quite as up to the task as they should have been.

However, the last 2 days have been dry, bright and sunny, so maybe the curse of August has been lifted. But it’s too late, the damage has been, August has been vilified as a horrible month.


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