It’s Here !

8 November 2011         2.00 PM       10 F         Overcast

It came, it went, it came back again and went away again, but now it’s back and this time, it’s here to stay. At least for a few months.

Lots of fresh new snow in the girls' penNot bad for our first proper snows of the year.

I am of course, referring to snow. Lots of it. As you can see……..

In a very similar way to our first winter here, the snows came in a big flurry. By the end of the first full day of snowfall we had amassed over 16 inches. All very lovely and exciting. And deep. It’s so light and fluffy that shoveling it is not that difficult. The real problem lies in the fact that no sooner have you started to swing your shovel away than the snow is already flying up into the air and falling ever so lightly back from whence it came or worse yet, down the neck of your jacket.

Our new snow accumulationThe dogs have to dig themselves out.

With the snow like this, we’ve watched our dogs become trail makers, road designers and surveyors. For some reason, I’m guessing common sense, but equally, it could just be laziness, once a dog has made a path through the snow, all of the others use that same trail. We have several large tracts of untouched virgin powder in the dog yard, and several trails going to and from the main gate, visiting the running gate, the communal shelters and the hook up area. Hopefully, once we start to get out regularly again, we will compress that snow enough so that it no longer thinks a good place to be is down the inside of your boots.

IciclesThe icicle factory started work early this year.

All of this fluffy snow has made running the dogs a bit of a challenge, a mental challenge. It’s really too deep and fluffy for the 4 wheeler, as we’d likely just completely churn up the trails. But equally, snow hooks don’t do too well at holding a team when they’re anchored into the equivalent of a foot and a half of those polystyrene packing peanut foam thingies. As ever, discretion is the better part of valour, at least around here, so I did take a team out, but a sensible sized team of just 4 dogs. Plus 50 pounds of dogfood in the sled. The trails are lovely for running on, a little soft in some spots and you could be forgiven for thinking it was ideal. I almost did think that, until I decided I’d like to stop and check some feet. Good dogs, the stopping was no problem. the standing still whilst the driver gets off the sled, hmmmm not so much……….. two snow hooks had about as much effect on holding them back as King Canute had with the tide.  To summarise, nice run, pretty trails, just glad we didn’t have to stop.

4 dog sled teamOscar & Quiz, Friddy & Kaz, first sled run of the season

Our first sled run of the season took place on 8 November 2011. Last year, it was the 16 November and our first year here, in 2009, it wasn’t until 4 December.


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