New Arrivals

10 November 2011     1.00 PM         16 F     Blue skies and sunny

At the end of an anxious 9 week wait, we were delighted to be able to welcome the latest arrivals to Gealach Mor, yesterday.

Cuchi of SeppalaCuchi of Seppala







Xaros of SeppalaXaros of Seppala








Cuchi of Seppala whelped 4 puppies, 2 males, 2 females.

Our dog Cuchi and her puppiesStop looking at my babies.

We’re not very experienced breeders. Despite having had dogs for over 23 years, we’ve only had one other litter, so it’s always a worrying time. We had all the emergency supplies we could think of, at the ready and out of hours vet phone numbers on speed dial. I did draw the line at having the car’s engine running, just in case.

It turns out that Cuchi had it all under control and quite honestly, didn’t need or want any assistance from me. Not only that, but she very graciously decided to have them in the middle of the morning, just as I was drinking my coffee, and equally conveniently, she picked the dog crate in our living room, the one that masquerades as a coffee table, to be her delivery room. Incredibly proficiently, she then proceeded to produce her perfect little bundles of joy, without a whimper or fuss. She had the first pup at 09.30 and was all done with her fourth, by 12.30, just in time for lunch. She declined both the brandy and cigars, preferring instead to get on with her mothering duties.

Puppies feedingCuchi gets dinner, puppies get dinner
Puppy No. 1Girl Puppy No. 1 with her thigh high boots
Boy puppy No. 1Boy Puppy No.1   tall, dark and handsome, well dark anyway.
Girl pup No. 2Girl Puppy No.2, pretty colours already
Boy puppy no. 2Boy Puppy No. 2, the wriggler

Wishing them long, fruitful, fun filled lives as hard working sled dogs and much loved pets.


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