Being Outside In Your PJs

25 January 2012    09.00 AM    – 31 F       Slightly cloudy

As you can see, it is still a little cold and bracing, as we would say in the North East of Scotland. We did have a warm day, when I say warm, I mean it got above 0 F – by a degree or two for a few hours, but we’ve slid back into the negative double digits again this week.

It’s not so bad, provided you dress appropriately, which usually means lots of layers and good quality base layers make a big difference too.

Which is a rather roundabout way of trying to explain why I was out in the dogyard last night at 2.00 in the morning at -32F in just my pyjamas. It’s not smart, it’s not clever and it was very cold ! Fortunately, the few remaining common sense brain cells I have, took over and demanded that I put on a jacket at the very least. Which was followed a minute later by a hat, and then after another few minutes outside, I came in for some warm trousers.

aurora borealis over Willow, AlaskaAmazing Northern Lights over our dog yard

And that, my friends is the reason for the nightwear clad excursion. We are fortunate to get to see the Northern Lights on quite a few occasions over the winter and they never cease to astound and amaze. Sometimes, there’s just a green shimmer on the horizon, usually we get bands, either horizontal or vertical  swages of light, dancing in the sky. Last night was probably the best display we have ever been lucky enough to see. Our very kind friends Dave & Tc phoned us at silly o’clock to tell us what a wonderful Aurora was out and that we should get up and have a look (hence the PJs).

Our workshop and the lightsYou can almost forget how cold it is, watching these.

I know from speaking with friends and neighbours today that lots of people were out watching the display, but people weren’t the only ones out. Quite a number of our dogs braved the cold to come out of their houses and could be seen playing with their neighbouring dog. Every now and then, they would burst into a group howl, which when combined with the outstanding aurora display seemed very primitive and visceral. We weren’t the only dogyard singing, quite a few other kennels could be heard at differing times, which all added to the other-worldly ambience.

more northern lightsBig swirls over the girls’ yard

The light display last night was far too dramatic and large for me to even get close to properly catching on camera. At times, it was truly breathtaking. It is at those times, that I catch myself wondering what the Inuit and First People’s made of these wonderous exhibitions. What we now boringly call solar flares, really should be considered as spirits dancing in the sky.

swooshMagical, mysterious and magnificent.

One thought on “Being Outside In Your PJs

  1. Being so close to Tottenham I see loads of blue flashing lights on a daily basis but your display is much more impressive!!! Totally awesome! N xx


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