Pup, pup, pup

9 February 2012      2.00 PM     25 F     Cloudy

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we welcomed those 4 little bundles of fluffy loveliness into our lives. They do grow very quickly and develop their own characters and traits in a remarkably short space of time.

Now, at 13 weeks old, our Fearless Four are out and about exploring the world on a regular basis. Chewing on each other and just about anything else they can get to. Fortunately, they do seem to have grasped the concept of bite control when it comes to us, a fact for which my ear lobes and fingers are eternally grateful.

They still haven’t met the majority of the adult dogs yet. There’s just something about small, squeaky bundles of fur that huskies find quite fascinating and it seems an unnecessary risk at this stage to put the pups through. They are having plenty of fun running up and down the fence line and causing chaos that way.

They have also been getting taken on walks. We stay off the main trail system, I dread to think what would happen if our little guys ran into a team, but we have plenty of space here to make them their own little path ways. With all of the snow we have had, I’ve been out with the snowshoes, laying a trail for them to follow. Sometimes, they get impatient and won’t wait behind me, pushing past or swimming through the deep snow to get ahead. It’s hard enough work for me to make progress, so I can only imagine what a workout the little ones are getting.

Photographing them is another workout. Pups don’t tend to stay in one spot for very long. And of course, those ultra fantastic, super cute poses or group shots that scream photograph me disintegrate as soon as you swing a camera in that direction. Digital cameras are a blessing in that at least you can instantly see that you missed the cover shot of Time magazine and actually just have a blurry picture of a tail.

My wife has taken some absolutely wonderful pictures of the puppies and I’ll share a few of them in this post.

our puppies in the snowThe Fearless Four stare off into the distance.
2 of our puppies in the snowTess and Dawson pop into view out of the snow
puppies running through the treesBraeburn leads them home
Puppies racing each otherBrooks gets to the front
Brooks getting a cuddleOur entry into the Dog/Owner lookalike contest.



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